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Renting From A Private Landlord: Everything You Need To Know
October 3, 2020 / by

Renting, rather than buying a property, has grown in popularity. Figures from Statista show that rental has more than doubled since 2000 to around 4.55 million households in 2019.  Since the pandemic hit, numbers have increased again. In a time of economic uncertainty, renting requires less of a commitment than buying a house. But, if… Read more »

Challenging Tenancy Deposit Deductions
February 29, 2020 / by

Tenancy deposit deductions are a key concern for private tenants when they move home. A study by the leading tenant’s website, The Tenants Voice, revealed that while 70% of deposits are returned in full, 17% are returned in part and 13% not returned at all. The survey of more than 2,000 private tenants also found that… Read more »

Rights of Tenants living in HMOs.
January 5, 2020 / by

The blog is focussed on the rights of tenants living in HMOs. This is a guest post from Dwell, an estate, and lettings agency in Leeds.  Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) are the fastest-growing type of housing in the UK. Their rapid growth in popularity is due in part to the increased demand for affordable… Read more »

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