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Crime fears cause a £6.6bn fall in property sales every year
September 22, 2019 / by

Crime fears cause a £6.6bn fall in property sales every year Over 29,000 house sales fall through each year due to crime fears, according to new research, adding up to a staggering £6.6bn in property value. The study, carried out by Churchill, also revealed that nearly 70 per cent of prospective homeowners have their buying… Read more »

Tenancy Fees Ban: What It Means For Renters
August 4, 2019 / by

This is a blog discussing tenancy fees ban which is in force from 1st of June 2019. I don’t know about you but I am thrilled that the tenancy fees ban has finally been brought in. Better late than never, am I right?! As somebody who has been renting in London for many years now, I… Read more »

How Radical Capitalism has Hollowed Our Society?
June 22, 2019 / by

This blog is hosted by is free to use website where tenants (including social and council housing) can upload their landlord and rental property review online. Housing crises are a part of a bigger problem called “radical capitalism”. This blog discusses the emergence of modern capitalism, how it ended up being radicalized and… Read more »

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