Why Post a Property and Landlord Rating?

At Asktenants.co.uk we have created an online platform for tenants to post property and landlord rating. In a tenancy there are three parties involved:

Landlords: They check all details about tenants before they rent their property from salary to employer references and if that is not enough they hold a hefty deposit.

Estate Agents: They are in a win-win situation. They make the commissions from your letting decision and are not responsible for managing the property unless property is let out on managed basis.

You, the tenant (The customer): You do not know anything about the property except a 5 minute viewing, you are committed to the property for at least 6 months, do not know anything about the landlord, the agent, neighbours, street parking & shell out a big deposit. This can be absolutely daunting time and we are here to help.

By posting a property and landlord rating you make yourself heard as a customer. Your property and landlord rating is visible to all potential tenants looking to rent the property once you move on. It is in best interest of landlord and estate agents to keep you (the customer) happy. A good property and landlord rating from you means the property is rentable/sellable in future while a bad rating has an opposite impact.

We believe your property and landlord rating brings some balance into rental market and promotes good customer service.

We know that you as a tenant want to know not only about the property but also about the area. So we provide you with useful information around crime in the area, local schools information like national ranking/free school meals/English as 1st language/information about people & culture on your street. This along with property and landlord rating can be a great tool to help you take a renting decision.