FAQ for Landlords/agents


I do not agree with tenants review/comments, what do I do?

You can respond by clicking “respond” button under the tenants comment. Read our Review Writing Guidelines before starting your response. You can also add photos to your response.

How do I complaint about a review/comments to Asktenants.co.uk management?

Comments posted online are opinions. Disagreeing with an opinion is typically NOT a basis for removal, unless something stated as fact is proven to be false statement. We believe the best way to respond to a difference of opinion is put your opinion forward by responding to tenants’ comments. Asktenants.co.uk allows Landlords/Agents to respond and load pictures to support their response.

If you still want to make a complaint about a tenant’s review/comments, you can do so by following our  Report Abuse policy.

Can we use a positive rating left by our tenants on Asktenants.co.uk for advertising the property?

Yes – We encourage Landlords to use positive ratings, as they are a great way of showing prospective tenants that they are a better bet than the rogue landlord down the road. There may be no better advert than a good and comprehensive rating from someone who has lived in the property.

We allow Landlords/Agents to download badges FREE OF CHARGE. Badges can go along with your property advert on the agent’s website.

Some things aren’t clear cut – for example, a tenant could attract mice by not putting the rubbish out, and mould is often caused by condensation due to the tenant’s lifestyle as well as poor ventilation. How will Asktenants address these issues?

On responsibilities of landlords and tenants in respect of issues like mould, we agree that lifestyle changes can help manage mould, but often they are not the sole cause of mould. Serious mould or condensation issues are often structural issues that need to be dealt with by the Landlord. Of course, who is ultimately responsible will vary from case to case and will depend on the specific circumstances of each case.

In the case of rodents, either the existing tenant or landlord may be responsible for them. Irrespective of who is responsible for them, if there are rodents in the property the tenant who moves in next is certainly not responsible – as rodents will be there before they move in.

We are capturing ratings from existing tenant so that it helps future tenants. Our question on rating infestation issues does not ask the tenant if the landlord was responsible. It reads as following “Did you experience Rodents/Insects or any other occasional sightings or serious infestation issues inside the property during your stay?” There is no mention of the word landlord in this question – we focus on the property NOT on the landlord. The word landlord appears in 2 out of 14 questions.