About Us

About Us

Asktenants.co.uk is a rental property and landlord review website. Rental property review cover leaks, condensation, flooring, brightness, noise pollution, rodents, induction, parking, neighborhood & safety, energy efficiency. It also includes landlord review on responsiveness & deposit refund process.

The inspiration for this property and landlord review website came while renting a property which had severe condensation issues. All residents in the block  knew about the problem but there were no property or landlord reviews available online which could have helped us take an informed decision. In spring, we realised the property is infested with moths. We were left with no other option but constantly opening and closing windows, refilling and emptying dehumidifiers and researching into every moth destroying remedy – from lavender to cedar wood. When we saw a moth fly away we could feel nothing but helplessness as we counted down towards the breakout clause!

We ourselves have let our property and aim to provide a comfortable living experience to our tenants. We also invited our tenants to post a property and landlord review online. As landlords and tenants have tried to make this website fair to both sides by asking targeted questions and building logical property review technique. Website allows tenants to post pictures and write comments along with property & landlord review.  Landlords can also respond with comments and post pictures.

This website is in hope that all tenants will be able to make an informed decision and they will get a voice in this one sided market where demand outstrips supply. At the same time giving genuine landlords a chance to remedy things for future tenants.

You as a tenant want to know not only about the property but also about the area. So we provide you with useful information around crime in the area, local schools information like national ranking, free school meals, English as a 1st language, information about people & culture on your street. This along with property and landlord reviews can be a great tool to help you take a renting decision.

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