Landlord rating websites are here to stay

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Landlord rating websites are here to stay

Tenant rights UK:new fitness for human habitation bill means landlords can be taken to court if they don’t complete necessary home repairs. From March 20, tenants will be given the power to sue landlords who fail to adequately maintain their properties as part of a new law called the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act. Read full article here.  Will this law replace the rental property review and landlord rating websites?

Surely a great step to separate majority good landlords from the minority bad ones.

However would the tenants have time to follow this through the lengthy court process?

How will court treat tricky matters like mould and mice?

We had a chronic mould. Landlady told us to not to dry clothes inside and keep windows open. We had no balcony or tumble dryer to dry clothes and weather was -2 degrees so cannot keep windows open. 

Similarly on mice, tenant can be held responsible too as “they kept food open overnight”. A tenant was told “you are never more than 10 feet away from a mice in UK, so landlord cannot be responsible if they come in when the door is open”.

After our rental nightmare we launched where tenants can review rental properties and rate landlord. We have over 5,000 rental properties reviewed. Good landlords are supporting too by inviting their tenants to review their positive rental experience.

While this bill will help extreme cases (hole in the wall), websites like ours are way forward to deal with this situation more broadly on millions of properties. The concept is simple: we can review anything we buy and rate the vendor who sold the product to us. In the same way, we should be able to review rental property (the product) and rate the landlord (vendor who supplied us the product).

Support this cause by reviewing your current/former rental property and rating your landlord on

(See how the concept works:

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