COVID-19 and Eviction

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COVID-19 and Eviction

COVID-19 and Eviction: Most tenants can’t be evicted at the moment as all court action for eviction is on hold until at least 25 June 2020 due to COVID-19. However millions of tenants will be at risk of being homeless as they face eviction after the 25th of June. Around 1.7 million renters also believed they would lose their jobs in the next three months as a result of the pandemic, pointing to spiraling debt and urging the government to prevent “needless evictions”.

Sir Keir Starmer, leader of Labour party is now urging ministers to act urgently and extend the rental ban on evictions from three to nine months, “or however long is needed”, in a five-point plan Labour says protects tenants.

The party also calls on the government to bring forward proposals to scrap “no-fault” eviction clauses for tenancies in England, and temporarily increase the Local Housing Allowance. “Once evictions are prevented, grant renters at least two years to pay back any arrears accrued during this period,” the party added.

“Give residential tenants the same protections as commercial tenants, by protecting them from being made bankrupt by their landlords for non-payment of rent.”

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