Buying a property during Coronavirus

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Buying a property during Coronavirus

Buying a property during Coronavirus: Someone asked a very important question on this is money about what to do if you are a first-time buyer who offered on a property before COVID-19 outbreak in the UK? Go-ahead or Wait? The question is an important one on how to think about buying a property during Coronavirus.

While the buyer did not was gazunder the seller or mess them around but was also worried about their own finances (Buyer did not want to start with negative equity as consequence of buying a property during Coronavirus)

BBC property expert Henry Pryor suggested waiting citing COVID-19 issues as nobody can be sure what will happen after what looks like the biggest global upset since the Second World War. Henry Pryor goes on to say:

“Most buyers who take this risk and go ahead now like a 20 percent discount, but they will accept a 5 to 10 percent discount, so the first house price reports post Covid-19 I think will be 5 to 10 percent down”

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