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142 City Road Wigan

1. Questions and Answers

Did you experience any Water Leaks or Boiler Issues, Sink/Toilet Blocks during your stay?


If yes, were they satisfactorily fixed in your opinion?

Yes, issue is now fixed
No, it's still an issue

Did you experience any condensation or mould issues? (Mould may have serious health implications)?


If yes, were they satisfactorily fixed in your opinion?

Yes, issue is now fixed
No, it's still an issue

How will you describe your experience with Flooring (carpets and/or laminate)?

Easy to clean
Reasonably easy to clean
High maintainance

How would you describe Brightness of your property on a sunny day?

Bright at most times
Bright only at certain times
(i.e. mornings/evenings)
Not bright at all

What was your experience with Noise levels from aircraft/traffic/neighbours,etc.?

Very Quiet
Not too noisy, can open windows if needed
High Noise levels in certain months
High Noise levels all year round

Did you experience insects/rodents or any other occasional sightings or serious infestation* issues inside the property during your stay?

*Tenants please note that occasional sighting of insects/rodents etc. is bad experience and should be fixed but does not constitute infestation. Infestation is defned as "a harassing or troublesome invasion"

Occasional/seasonal sighting
Has infestation

If yes, was the issue satisfactorily fixed in your opinion?

Yes, remedied fully
No, it's still an issue

How will you describe the Induction process by landlord and estate agent?

A new house can be a daunting process as you try to understand heating, switches, equipment, ovens etc. Ideally, an user friendly guide should be available and/or landlord/estate agents should run you through induction.

Could have been better

Parking : - What is your experience of Availability of non-allocated Free Parking?

This can be important if you have 1 or more cars or guests.

Always/on most occasions available
Not always available near the house
Severe Parking issue
Not applicable

Safety and Neighbourhood : - How Safe do you feel/felt in the house and in the area?

Always Safe
Safe except very late nights

Traffic : - What is your experience of Traffic situation in Rush Hour from your house to nearest dual carriage way or motorway?

Not congested at all
Certain roads congested but alternatives not congested
Very congested
Don't know

How much is your monthly Energy Bill?

(UK Average spend per house hold £1,264, which is about £105 per month for gas & electricity. Source: BBC )

Below Average
Above average

Landlord/Managing agents: - Based on interaction during the tenancy with landlord or managing agents would you say they Respond and Fix issues in line with your expectations?

Yes, but it takes longer than it should normally take
No, except bare essentials

In your opinion was the Deposit Refund process fair?

Not applicable

Do you Recommend this property?

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