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March 6, 2016 / by

London’s Housing crisis in numbers: Rent is up to 75% of Income…Check how bad is your borough. London house rents are pushing out people the city needs most. As fellow Londoners we want to hear what you feel…Is the situation getting ‘Better’ or ‘Worse’? If we happen to reach experts, please do share your views… Read more »

Here is why UK tenants should rate rental property
February 13, 2016 / by shaji

There are now almost 9 million private renters, and for the first time since the 1960s there are now more private renters than social housing tenants. The age profile of private tenants is getting older as “Generation Rent” remains unable to get on the property ladder: half of all private tenants are now over 35… Read more »

Tenancy deposit protection schemes and deposit refund disputes
February 13, 2016 / by shaji

In this blog we will cover tenancy deposit schemes and deposit refund disputes. Together they should give you good idea on how deposit protection and refund works. We will finish with external links which give in depth information which is not possible to cover in this blog. Tenancy Deposit Schemes and your deposit. Your landlord… Read more »

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