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Rights of Tenants living in HMOs.
January 5, 2020 / by

The blog is focussed on the rights of tenants living in HMOs. This is a guest post from Dwell, an estate, and lettings agency in Leeds.  Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) are the fastest-growing type of housing in the UK. Their rapid growth in popularity is due in part to the increased demand for affordable… Read more »

How to select Cheapest Energy Tariff for your home.
November 10, 2019 / by

“Can we save money by switching to cheapest Energy tariff?” is a question we ask ourselves every time we see an energy bill. We often rush to price comparison websites and end up being confused, as energy tariffs are complex. There is a fixed charge, variable gas and electricity charge, peak and off peak charges…. Read more »

Who is responsible for home repairs — tenant or landlord?
October 13, 2019 / by

Picture this: You come home after a long day at work, and notice some odd coloured spots on your wall but choose to ignore it. A couple of weeks later and you realise that the spots have increased in number and decide to call in some experts, who then tell you that you’ve got a… Read more »

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