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How Radical Capitalism has Hollowed Our Society?
June 22, 2019 / by

This blog is hosted by is free to use website where tenants (including social and council housing) can upload their landlord and rental property review online. Housing crises are a part of a bigger problem called “radical capitalism”. This blog discusses the emergence of modern capitalism, how it ended up being radicalized and… Read more »

June 3, 2019 / by

Climate change looks set to be a knockout blow for humanity on planet earth. After reading this blog you will agree that modern human’s (Homo sapiens) are sprinting towards their demise on planet earth led by short-termism. This blog is one of the most enlightening blogs about modern Humans covering 200,000 years of our history… Read more »

Check My Landlord – leading the way
April 28, 2019 / by

Background  This blog explains why and how you can check your landlord before you sign your tenancy agreement. The number of households privately renting in the UK is estimated to be 5.3 million, a quarter of them are families with children. This number is set to rise by 25% in the next 5 years.  That’s… Read more »

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