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FAQ on tenants’ rights in the UK.
July 9, 2018 / by Mike Scott

One in five households in the UK rent privately. Three-quarters of these households are living in homes owned by private landlords, many of whom are accidental landlords. Research suggests that most tenants are not aware of laws around tenants rights. In this blog, we break down the lifecycle of tenancy in a chronological order and… Read more »

How to check if a section 21 notice is a valid one.
July 2, 2018 / by Mike Scott

The blog will give a quick introduction of Section 21 notice. It will then focus on, how a tenant can check if its a valid one. Section 21 notice is also known as ‘notice to quit’ served by a landlord to a tenant. If the tenant does not leave by the expiry date on the Section… Read more »

Tenants’ rights mould and damp
June 11, 2018 / by Mike Scott is a website where tenants rate and review their landlord and rental property. Out of thousands of properties reviewed, 40% of the tenants have unresolved mould or damp in rented property. With this issue so widespread, we have researched on tenants’ rights about mould and damp. This blog will focus on harmful effects and… Read more »

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