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Letting Agency fees for tenants – Unfair, Immoral but not yet illegal.
July 26, 2016 / by lets renters rate and review their accommodation and responsiveness of their landlord, giving it an overall score. It has thousands of properties rated by tenants across the UK. On their reviews tenants have also mentioned exorbitant administration fees charged by letting agents has made it expensive for them to switch from a poorly maintained… Read more »

Top 10 tips to make most out of the property viewing
June 19, 2016 / by

Property viewing a property is an exciting time but it’s important to know what to look out for when searching for your next dream home. Rental property rating and review site has compiled a list of the top ten tips for people to make most out of their property viewing. From checking for mould, searching for mouse droppings… Read more »

Mould Issues – UK’s leading mould expert talks to
May 14, 2016 / by

Why mould issues should not be taken lightly? Mould issues in rented properties are potentially troubling millions of tenants. Tenants have been rating rental properties on for over a year, along with reviews we ask tenants to complete a small survey which helps us identify key issues tenants are facing. Based on sample data… Read more »

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